Joey Chabak began studying martial arts close to 20 years ago. He has studied various martial arts both traditional (Isshinryu, American Kenpo) to more modern arts (Kickboxing, Jun fan, Jeet kune Do, Sambo, Combat Fighting Systems, and Krav Maga).He has trained with and taught various civilian, law enforcement, security and military personnel, and achieved instructor level certificates and rank in many of the above.Joey has studied Krav Maga for over 10 years achieving instructor level under the KMF (in NYC under 2 ex-IDF officers) and Krav Maga Worldwide studying and training at the national headquarters in LA.
Joey is a recent graduate of the Wingate Instructor program in Israel (the birthplace of KM) and currently the only Expert level instructor in the entire Tampa Bay area.

He has owned and operated Pinellas Krav Maga (PKM) for 8+ years, working with hundreds of students/clients. Joey practices what he preaches. Anything he asks or expects his students to do, he has done already and can/will do still!

He has been studying the mind/body connection since earning a double B.S. from Rutgers University in Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition. Joey is a board certified Registered Dietician.

Joey is also available for private personal training and nutrition consultation service as well as for Private/Corporate training on demand.


As he asks of all his students…he improves 1% every time!!

3 comments on “Instructors
  1. van burns says:

    It would be nice if you can do a private on Tuesday.

    Including your time for assessment, I have no problem paying for any time spent on my behalf.

    • pkm says:

      Hello, I actually sent you an email yest. in order to discuss/ confirm time for Tues. AM. Please text/call me 813-514-3435
      Thank you

  2. Jason Ledbetter says:

    Hello – I would like to discuss one on one instruction. Please contact me at the email above. Sincerely, Jason Ledbetter

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