What is Krav Maga?

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A common criticism of some traditional martial arts is the lack of real-life applicability – will all those fancy moves hold up against thugs on the street?!

A lot of people, when asked why they study their particular Martial Art will answer “So I can look after myself”, or something similar. After a while, most people seem to realize that most Martial Arts in their traditional form are not realistic self defense systems – and were never meant to be anything – but a sport, whereby a modern Karate practitioner (for example) can compete against another karate practitioner. There are rules to prevent illegal moves and foul play; and that is how it should be.

Unlike most martial arts that are formal, ritual oriented, and difficult to learn, Krav Maga’s no-holds-barred moves in realistic environments are meant to be learned as quickly as possible and are based on the body’s own reflexive movements so they are etched in muscle memory and become second nature. There are no competitive tournaments, katas, rituals, or routines in Krav Maga. It is not an “art”, it is a fighting system which consists of street survival tactics that includes a hybrid of mixed martial arts techniques utilized in boxing, karate, judo, ju-jitsu, muay thai, as well as a number of lesser known styles.

Nothing in Krav Maga deals with theory. Its all practical, all the time. Everything you learn you can use. Another thing which distinguishes Krav Maga from traditional martial arts is the fact that you train for situations where you are in a distinct inferior position, such as: fighting with one hand,fighting while sitting down, fighting against an armed assailant, fighting against multiple opponents, etc.. most of these would be deemed “illegal” situations in most martial arts. Krav Maga focuses specifically on these types of situations.

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