Our classes ARE NOT about hitting AIR or hitting bags that barely move and DON’T hit back or counter!

Our Combative & Conditioning and Sparring classes teach both the fundamentals and more advanced concepts of American, Muay Thai, and Dutch Kickboxing with some basic ground fighting and defense through fun, unique, and challenging workouts that are great for students of any fitness and experience level.

These classes compliment our Krav Maga self defense classes. They incorporate the same principles and concepts of street defense while learning Complete Kickboxing Sets & Combos using all appropriate body weapons – still incorporating intervals of a variety of specifically designed calisthenics, plyometrics, and core exercises for our program in order to improve the student progressively.

Cardiovascular training is combined with an incredible core workout as you learn to strike with accurate speed and power while defending with maximum efficiency and minimum damage. An average class can help to burn between 600 and 800 or more calories while you tap into your individual peak fitness level … still having fun learning the application of striking and defending making it extremely applicable to effective street defense.

We also introduce controlled contact drills that prepare you for sparring and fighting in future training. These classes include a lot of partner drills with each student wearing protective gear for safety. You will learn and apply different techniques in each class as well as new ways to mix techniques together into sets and combinations. You will test your cardio and strengthen muscles from head to toe as well as improve balance, footwork, and flexibility. Our classes have also proven to help maintain and build muscle as well as assist in losing unwanted body fat not to mention an amazing stress reliever after a long day of … whatever!

Come in TODAY and experience first hand how and why we are different!

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