Women’s Self Defense

Woman’ Self Defense

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Pinellas Krav Maga WAE (Woman Against Evil) Series

Next Series: Saturday March 14th @ 12:30PM


The ANYTIME/ANYWHERE series for womens only self defense!!

Pinellas Krav Maga Training Center invites any woman mother/sister/aunt/grandmother/etc. to come and learn how to protect yourself and your family from the would be muggers/rapists/perverts/pedophiles/psychos of today’s society while learning how to be aware, alert, and most of all confident in your environment and those within it!!

This seminar will focus on a bit of ALL of the following…

CQC (Close Quarter Comabt) and to hand single attacker offense/defense self protection
Ground Defense
Vehicle Knife/Gun threats

with BONUS…
Discussion & Drills on
Active shooter tactics/Multiple Attacker strategies for loved ones!!!

*Every class will incorporate Stress/Duress drills to simulate Reality!

Pinellas Krav Maga will make this training available to all women in the community

who wish to possess the skills needed to prevent or survive a violent assault of themselves & their family.

The time of “that can’t happen to me or my family” is OVER!!!

ANY woman and/or their child is a potential assault victim depending on the individual or attacker!

Call:  PINELLAS KRAV MAGA | 813-514-3435

6760 Ulmerton Road Suite E Largo, FL. 33761
See us facebook: Pinellas Krav Maga

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2 comments on “Women’s Self Defense
  1. Karen says:

    I was wondering if you offer any classes during the day. My daughter practices gymnastics from 4:30 till 8:30 every evening. so I was looking for something available to Myself and other homeschool families. She is going to be 13 in June. We were interested in taking a class or two a week together. If not maybe you could guide us in the right direction. Thank you.

    • pkm says:

      Hello Karen & thank you for reaching out to us. We understand many people have different schedules in their lives & we try to accomodate as best we can.
      We do have a SAT. morn. class we call a FAMILY class where all age groups train together so we would love to have you & your daughter come out & take that class together.
      Please contact me directly at 813-514-3435 & we can discuss further as it is I am mostly mobile & I like to actually talk with anyone interested in our program to best suit their needs/questions.
      I look forward to hearing from you
      Thank you
      Be safe
      Joey (owner/Operator)

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